kyklos Villas Santorini

Kyklos Villas Santorini

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Exceptional Greek villas showing at its best the Cycladic Architecture in exquisite settings.

For travellers who crave blissful, one-of-a-kind stay experiences.

The Villas

If you’re looking to experience luxury living on your next holiday in Santorini, then Kyklos Luxury Villas is the perfect choice where to stay. Luxurious villas that respect the Cycladic architecture while maximising comfort, luxury without any compromise to spaces and amenities. 

Kyklos Luxury Villas offers a selection of 3 beautifully designed villas that are architecturally inspired by the Cycladic style. Each villa is designed to fit the island’s landscape, maximising the island Style and the natural beauty of the surroundings. Cycladic homes are known for their minimalistic design, the use of natural materials like stone and wood, and their asymmetrical cube-and rounded roofs like shapes. 

Each villa has its own private heated pool, outdoor space, and stunning views of the Aegean Sea. The interior of each villa is decorated with clean lines, neutral colours, and natural materials, ensuring that every guest has a unique experience during their stay.

The Cycladic architecture is also known for its use of natural light and airflow, maximising the comfort of its inhabitants. Large windows welcome natural light into the living spaces, and outdoor gardens encourage airflow throughout the rooms. Guests can enjoy the fresh sea air and the natural light that illuminates the villa’s interior, contributing to a serene and relaxing experience.